Is Spore Analyst Certification Important

(Connections:  Published June 2004)

By Dr. Harriet Burge, Director of Aerobiology, Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Inc., San Bruno CA


Currently, analytical laboratories are certified by a process both assuring adherence to a set of operating standards and also assuring that someone in that laboratory is able to identify fungi and bacteria in culture accurately.  While these are important, the process does not guarantee that each analyst in a lab can recognize spores on spore trap, tape or bulk samples....


Mold Takes Hold

(The Tampa Tribune:  Published August 11, 2002)

Written by:  Jo-Ann Johnston 


Insurers say they are getting socked with claims on homeowners' insurance for mold damage in unprecedented numbers. State Farm, for instance, said the number of claims jumped from 90 in 2000 to 337 in 2001..... 


Companies Join Forces To Solve IAQ Problems

Indoor Environment Connections, Vol 3, Issue 9, July 2002)

Written by:  Wolfgang Paltian / CEO & Microscopist of Air Quality Environmental, Inc.


This growth has produced remediation companies, investigation companies, laboratories, consultants, contractors and the list goes on.  All are specialists in their specific fields.  The danger is combining too many of these fields into one company.....


You Can Lead A Horse To Water...

(Publisherís Perspective: Indoor Environment Connections, Vol 3, Issue 7, May 2002)

Written by:  Glenn Fellman / CEO & Publisher of Indoor Environment Connections


Have you ever read an IAQ report that made the hair stand up on the back of your neck?  Thatís what happened to me last month when a consultant sent me a copy of a mold assessment report written by a certified microbial abatement specialist.....